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My real estate journey

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

My real estate career began several years ago with a large, local real estate agency. I served as an administrator and an assistant. I answered phones, entered listings and helped the bookkeeper with closings. When I felt that I had plateaued in that position, I decided to take a new role with a national franchise agency. Here I continued to work in administration, but also took a leap into the world of real estate marketing. I loved the creative aspect of this new These jobs were incredible learning opportunities that I carried into creating & operating my own business as a freelance real estate assistant. With each of these experiences, I have become a trusted source of information and marketing solutions for real estate colleagues all over the state of Maine. Having worked with so many real estate professionals, I have been inspired by the best (and the worst, yikes!) in the industry. With this abundant knowledge and experience, how could I NOT become a real estate agent? From the moment I started in this field, I knew EXACTLY what kind of agent I wanted to be, THE BEST! And I'll never stop striving to be just that.

I started the "fast track" Sales Agent class on October 16 and completed it 4 weeks later on November 6th. I scheduled the Pearson Vue exam as soon as I was able and passed it on my first try! November 29th. On that day I spoke with a friend who made me an offer that would help kick off my career as a real estate agent.

More details on that to come!

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