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I said YES to the ADDRESS!

I said never... I said I really didn't want to be on a "team"... I said I didn't want to work closely with anyone else or under anyone's rule.

I wanted to go SOLO and build on a vast network of agents I had worked with before. I've been in no particular hurry... I'd have conversations with all prospective agencies and would make a decision after the New Year. This is what I assumed would happen and I was content with it.

But then something happened that changed everything I "thought" I would do. Then, I went from content to freakin ecstatic and overjoyed.

It's common knowledge that Jay and I are friends. Nick & I are uncle & auntie to his fur babies and I gush over them on social all the time. I've watched Jay from the day he signed with BHHS to where he is now and if you've been living under a rock (or aren't from around here), let me tell you, this guy knows what he's doing! There are superlatives all over the internet on the guy, it's no secret that he's a killer.

I never expected that he would want me to join him, he's so successful on his own and could go the rest of his life as a solo agent and always crush it! But guess what? He wants me. He sees the things in me that make him want to invest in me and team up together. I didn't see it coming. I never considered that he would want to be my mentor and spend his valuable time coaching and encouraging me. He's also helping me with "wealth management"... another thing I never had to "worry" about!

It's a match, put simply. We are both optimistic, fun-loving and motivated people. We have always adored each other and our personalities mesh wonderfully. The pact is, friendship first and always!

We each bring things to our newly shared table that can only bring out the very best in each of us and I AM SO READY FOR IT!!

Becki + Jay = 🔥

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