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Greater Bangor Area REALTORS Spirit of Giving Event

A fun night for a great cause!

Nick and I joined Jay & his partner Matt, Matt's brother Sean and his parner Brad, friends Noah, Kristen and Jodi. I was welcomed into the fold by my new Berkshire Hathaway colleagues! I also saw lots of old friends from Realty of Maine & BHG The Masiello Group and other friends who work in mortgage and title companies that I've known over the years. It was a real treat to get dressed up and announce our new partnership together!

We had a lot of laughs at the table, playing "pass the cup" to win the centerpiece. I took it home with me ;) We laughed so hard we cried when Matt outbid Jodi on the soft tub he'd had his eye on all night. Matt WON, much to Jay's surprise! What a riot!! They had a full truckload to haul home when all was said and done. Jay's business debit took a hit, but it was all for a great cause and they got lots of goodies to kick off the Christmas season.

A wonderful time had by all! Thanks, partner!

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